Sponsorship support is fundamental to the success of any non-profit foundation, and we are certainly no exception.  As I have said before, we are a small organization, but we are mighty.  We are truly on the front lines of the battle against colorectal cancer.  We are in it, folks.  But we would not be able to make the impact that we do without the other organizations that help keep us going.

We are so grateful to have the generous support of Michael’s Mission for the EAO-CRC Symposium again this year.  This event would simply not be the success that it is on every level without Michael’s Mission, an organization focused on improving the quality of life and treatment options for those suffering from colorectal cancer through education, research and patient support.  Funds raised by Michael’s Mission go to patient care and support and research initiatives led by a medical advisory board comprised of leading physicians.

Martha Raymond is the Executive Director/CEO of Michael’s Mission. For over twenty-five years, Martha has been a passionate and active advocate for colon cancer education, prevention, outreach and awareness. We are fortunate to call her a colleague and a friend. Martha took some time out of her insanely busy schedule preparing for Colon Cancer Awareness Month to chat with us about Michael’s Mission and the EAO-CRC Symposium.

Martha Raymond speaks at the 2016 EAO-CRC Summit

1. How does the Symposium compliment the work of Michael’s Mission and why is it important for your organization to be involved?
The annual EAO-CRC Symposium compliments our work at Michael’s Mission by focusing on the specific and unique needs of the young adult colorectal cancer patient, survivor and caregiver.  Through our patient support and education programs we work with patients, survivors and caregivers throughout the continuum of care, providing resources to help individuals affected by this disease to help improve their quality of life.  Michael’s Mission was founded in memory of Michael Soussa who passed away from colorectal cancer at the young age of 33.  Michael’s goal was to create an organization that focused on improving the lives and treatment outcomes for patients – especially young adults.  Being part of the annual EAO-CRC Symposium is central to our vision and mission.

2. What makes the EAO-CRC Symposium stand out from among other colorectal cancer events?
The EAO-CRC stands out from other colorectal cancer events in many ways.  First and foremost is the prestigious faculty that Dr. Tom Weber assembles from around the United States and Europe.  Since Tom knows and works with all of the thought-leaders in the colorectal cancer community, he is able to develop an agenda that provides participants with prevention through screening messaging, cutting-edge treatment options, and sessions that provide emotional and psycho-social support.  Each year participants gain world class knowledge and education from healthcare professionals who are leading the way in young adult colorectal cancer research and treatment.

3. Can you tell us a couple of highlights from last year’s Symposium?
EAO-CRC 2016 had many highlights for me.  Facilitating the patient/survivor panel and working with individuals such as Katie Rich and Gina Neri was very inspirational.  Gina relayed her story of being pregnant while making the decision to undergo chemotherapy – not knowing what the outcome might be for herself and her baby. I asked Gina to bring her baby up front to be part of the panel – and beautiful, healthy, precious Gianna Hope joined the panel of patients and survivors.  It was an incredible, emotional moment for everyone in attendance.

4. Besides sponsoring the EAO-CRC Symposium, what else is happening at Michael’s Mission during Colon Cancer Awareness Month?
March will be a busy month for all of us in the colon cancer community!  On March 16th Michael’s Mission will celebrate our 8th Annual Gala honoring members of the colon cancer community.  I will be speaking at several events, including Fight CRC’s 11th Annual Call-On-Congress in Washington, DC.  At the 3rd Annual EAO-CRC, I am serving as Course Co-Director and am also looking forward to leading the conversation for the Caregiver Session.

It is not too late to sign up for the enlightening, life-changing EAO-CRC Symposium.  Click here for details.  Many thanks to Martha Raymond and Michael’s Mission for their generous and critical support of this amazing program!

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