The Colon Cancer Foundation is so fortunate to have the support of fantastic, generous sponsors for our Protect Your Butt campaign and The World’s Largest Booty Shake.  Today we introduce you to Epigenomics and the Epi proColon®.  David Bull, Director of Marketing, took some time out of his busy day to answer a few questions for us.

Tell us a little bit about Epigenomics and Epi proColon®.

Epigenomics is a molecular diagnostics company focused on blood-based detection of cancers using its proprietary DNA methylation technology.  Epigenomics develops and commercializes blood tests across multiple cancer indications with high medical need.  The two current products are Epi proColon® and Epi proLung®.

Epi proColon®, is the ONLY FDA-approved blood test for colon cancer screening.  Epi proColon® is intended for those people who have been avoiding screening.  A blood test is a patient-accepted screening method that avoids the time commitment and prep of a colonoscopy and the ‘ick’ factor of take home stool tests.

 How does the Epi proColon® test work?

Normal colorectal tissue and colorectal cancer tissue differ on a molecular level.  The test reliably detects a biomarker that is associated with colorectal cancer (methylated Septin9) in a routineblood draw.  A positive test result indicates that there is an increased likelihood for the presence of colorectal cancer and the patient should get a colonoscopy.  A negative test result indicates no increased likelihood for the presence of colorectal cancer. Epi proColon® is available through national and regional reference labs.  Go to for more information.

Epi proColon® is a sponsor of our Protect Your Butt campaign and The World’s Largest Booty Shake. Thank you for that! Can you tell us why this campaign stands out to you and why it is important for Epigenomics to be involved?

Colon cancer screening saves lives.  Yet 1 in 3 or 23 Americans avoid colorectal cancer screening.  The Protect Your Butt campaign fosters the discussion that screening will lead to early detection of cancer as well as prevention by the identification and removal of precancerous polyps.  People need to get screened – people need to discuss colon cancer with their friends and family.  And, we are hopeful that the Protect Your Butt community will become aware there is now a blood test for colon cancer screening.

Most importantly, will you and your colleagues be shaking your booties with us on March 1?

Absolutely – in the US and at the headquarters in Germany.

Thank you for your time, David.  And thanks to Epigenomics for the generous support!

JOIN US for The World’s Largest Booty Shake!

12pm, Wednesday March 1

Naumburg Bandshell, Central Park, NYC

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