Who is this guy? We don’t know either. But we DO know that our new campaign is going to be great!

We have launched the #Belfie Challenge.  We have shaken our booties to Mark MK’sPYB (Protect Ya Butt)” in Central Park.  And now we are thrilled to announce that our campaign website, ProtectYourButt.com, is now live!

The Protect Your Butt campaign is going to reach hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions!) of people and we can’t wait for our community to be a part of it.  Read on to find out exactly what we’re up to (and what is UP with that butt in the headset?!) and how you can be a part of this fun, funny, ground-breaking campaign.

Check out our shiny new website!

What is Protect Your Butt?

Protect Your Butt is an initiative of the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation.  Our mission is to raise awareness of colorectal cancer in a new and innovative way, reaching more people than ever before.

Meet Chad. He is a butt.

How are we promoting PYB?

We will accomplish our mission via events like the World’s Largest Booty Shake and the Colon Cancer Challenge; social media initiatives like the #BelfieChallenge; and launching the Butt Dial.  What is the Butt Dial?  If you are among the lucky ones on our call list, you’ll soon find out for yourself!  Chad and his team of butts will be hard at work, making phone calls to help spread the word that colorectal cancer is treatable and beatable if caught early.  And, critically, if you know someone who has been putting off getting a colonoscopy or ignoring serious symptoms, you can nominate him or her to get a call from Chad or one of his colleagues!  You can also share your own cancer butt-kicking story and help inspire others to join our cause.

What do we hope to accomplish with this bonkers approach?

Cold-calling butts?  Really?

Yes.  Really.  Because colorectal cancer is still the second-leading cause of cancer death in this and many other countries.  Because, if caught early, colorectal cancer is treatable and beatable.  Because the dramatic rise in early-age onset colorectal cancer is alarming and ridiculous.  Because people are still not talking about this disease enough.

But maybe people will talk about a fuzzy butt wearing a headset and blue jeans.

And that is where we start.

We hope you will join us.  Click here to Protect Your Butt!

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