We are honored to be able to share another incredible story from Team Colon Cancer Challenge.  Diane Hauder will be running her 6th marathon on November 5.  This year’s TCS NYC Marathon will also be on Diane’s birthday weekend – and, sadly, it will be her first birthday since her mom passed away from colon cancer.  We are in awe of Diane’s dedication to running and her commitment to honoring her mother’s memory by conquering the one and only NYC Marathon.  For more about Diane, read on.

Soon to be six-time marathoner Diane Hauder

What is your connection to colorectal cancer?

My Mom, Susan Hauder, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer the week of Thanksgiving 2016, and put up a noble fight, but passed away on April 1, 2017.  This was my first exposure to colon cancer, and sparked myself and my two brothers into action, two of us getting our first colonoscopies and for one of us his second.  Thankfully we all received a clean bill of health.

Are you running in honor of a loved one?

I am running in memory of my mom, Susan Hauder.  I will be dedicating every stride to the woman who gave me life and made me the strong, independent, marathon-running woman I am today.  My mom was a wonderful, caring woman, who lived each day of her life with the goal of making others happy and feel special and loved.  She had a contagious laugh and a warm and welcoming embrace that everyone seemed to gravitate to.  She was the Nana to five grandchildren, who lovingly referred her to as Ninja Nana.

Diane and her mom Susan

Why did you decide to join Team Colon Cancer Challenge?

I had applied to run the NYC Marathon for the last two years via the lottery, unsuccessful both years.  Early this summer I was having a conversation with a friend who is running NYC, and he mentioned that the first time he ran NYC he ran for a charity.  This conversation sparked the thought of running for charity; at the same time I had been working with ALS on charity spots for the Chicago Marathon, as a member of my running group, Libertyville Running Club, was diagnosed last year with ALS.  This conversation again reinforced the ability to run a major marathon for charity.  I also had a few other conversations about running the NYC Marathon with other friends – so it felt that something was in the air!  I then began to research the Charity Partners of the NYC Marathon, knowing that if I ran for charity it would need to be a charity that was meaningful to me, this is when I discovered the Colon Cancer Foundation.  Reading the mission of CCF, I was even more drawn to the possibility of running, as part of the mission is early detection screening, something that could have facilitated a much earlier diagnosis of my mom’s cancer.

What are you most looking forward to in conquering the NYC Marathon?

There are so many things I am looking forward to:

  • It’s my birthday weekend! This will be my first birthday without my mom, so finding a way to honor her was very important to me – and running a marathon in her memory is perfect!
  • One of my brothers, his wife, along with some of my friends are coming to NYC for the whole weekend – celebrating my birthday and spectating the marathon!
  • Completing the NYC Marathon, my 6th marathon and another major/Abbott 6 Star event!
  • Running for CCF, honoring my mom and raising awareness for colon cancer; and
  • Returning to the East Coast where I was born and raised, and running in a city I used to live 12 miles away from (I used to live in Northern NJ- Montclair/Bloomfield and conduct a great deal of business in Manhattan) – which means lots of friends along the route cheering me on!!!

Diane has already reached her fundraising goal (thank you, Diane!), but help her climb the ranks of our top fundraisers by clicking here!

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