The Colon Cancer Foundation is very fortunate to have a diverse, talented, and committed Board of Directors who support and guide this organization with their experience and expertise.  One of our Board members, Christina McClellan, will be tackling this year’s United Airlines NYC Half Marathon with Team Colon Cancer Challenge.

Christina McClellan

Christina is the Business Manager for the Physician-in-Chief’s Office at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  After her mother passed away from colon cancer in 2009, she bridged her professional background in finance with her passion for oncology care at MSKCC and has gained extensive experience in both clinical research and hospital administration.  Christina is currently working towards her MBA at NYU.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Politics from the University of Maryland, College Park and currently lives in Hoboken, NJ with her husband.

What is your connection to colorectal cancer? 
After a three year battle with the disease, my mother passed away at 59 of colon cancer.

How long have you been a board member and why did you decide to make this commitment? 
I have had the pleasure of being a board member since 2010.  I decided to join the board because if I could help one family, one daughter, not have to go through the pain of losing a family member, I needed to do it.  Colon Cancer is a preventable disease, and I wanted to on the frontlines to help people realize this in order to make a difference!

What makes CCCF stand apart from other colon cancer organizations?  
CCCF is not only dedicated to eliminating colon cancer, but they are focused on raising awareness in the younger demographics, which is so important with this particular disease.  The CCCF was one of the first foundations to recognize the importance of educating young people and has created events over the last few years to attract this group of supporters.  The earlier we can make people aware of how to prevent the disease, the higher likelihood we will have for raising survival rates.  It is also important that we let young men and women know that they are not alone on this journey as they face colon cancer, either as a patient or caregiver.

Are you running in honor of a loved one?
I will be running in memory of my mother, Linda Puglisi.

What are you most looking forward to in conquering the NYC Half?
I am extremely excited to run through Times Square- something that ordinarily could never be done!  I have run quite a few half marathons before but the ones I have done as a charity runner are most important.  Every time I get tired or achy, I remember my mom, and the other cancer warriors who have gone through much worse and there is a little piece of me that feels closer to my mom.

To learn more about the United Airlines NYC Half and to support Christina, click here.

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