It’s that time of year again, when the members of Team Colon Cancer Challenge are pounding the pavement to train for the race of their lives: the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon.  We have an extraordinary group this year.  Our 25 runners have already raised over $95,000! To check out our full team, click here.

Up first in our 2017 NYC Marathon spotlight is Stephanie Bonomo from Stoneham, Massachusetts.  This is her first marathon.  Stephanie has raised a remarkable $11,600 towards her ambitious (and awesome!) goal of $12K!  Thank you Stephanie!  Here is her story:

Stephanie Bonomo

What is your connection to colorectal cancer?

On April 20, 2017, at the young age of 55, the Honorable Jeffrey Abber lost his 2.5 year battle versus colon cancer.  On that day the world lost an incredibly special human being, and an even more incredible husband, father and friend.

To me Jeff was a friend, a mentor, and my “go to guy” on so many things.  In his passing he has forever left a hole in my heart.  I truly believed that Jeff had many years ahead of him.  He deserved so many more years.  Throughout Jeff’s battle he and his family epitomized positivity and always believed that there would be something around the next corner that would keep Jeff well.  Even when no answers remained the Abbers continued to focus on only the positives and were appreciative of the life Jeff led and the love their family shared.

Why did you decide to join Team Colon Cancer Challenge?

Prior to Jeff’s passing I had vowed to never run a marathon.  Frankly, I thought running 26.2 miles was absurd.  However, shortly before Jeff’s passing, seemingly at random, information for the Colon Cancer Foundation and the NYC Marathon came across my computer.  I felt as though it was meant to be.  What better way to honor Jeff and his family than to follow their lead and channel my grief into something positive.  Thus, with the support of the Abber Family, I joined Team Colon Cancer Challenge and have vowed to raise as much money as possible to aid in the fight against colon cancer.  I want to honor Jeff’s legacy by helping the Colon Cancer Foundation raise funds to find the cure so that others have the opportunity to beat this disease.  #AbberStrongAlways

What are you most looking forward to in conquering the NYC Marathon?

It will make me feel as though I did something I set out to do and more importantly I can visualize Jeff beaming with all of the love everyone has for him.

To learn more about Stephanie and to support her incredible fundraising, click here!

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