Dr. Thomas K. Weber Colorectal Cancer Internship Program

PURPOSE: Support and further the mission of an organization
focused on raising awareness about timely preventive screening for
colorectal cancer, understanding the cause(s) of early-age onset
colorectal cancer, and ensuring patients’ quality of life remains central
during colorectal cancer treatment.

SCOPE: Are you interested in serving your community while fulfilling
college internship, practicum requirements, getting college credits, or
gaining some useful experience? The Colon Cancer Foundation’s
internship program provides a unique opportunity for graduate and
undergraduate students to work in the fields of public health, community
health and engagement, science communication, program
development, and public relations. By working with us, you will be
contributing to:

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? Enthusiasm, passion for working
in the public health space, creative and out-of-the-box thinking. Our
interns help us with:
• Understanding the cause(s) of colorectal cancer, which will lead to
improved prevention and diagnosis
• Raising awareness around colorectal cancer prevention, with a
particular focus on
—Young adults
—Those with a family history of colorectal cancer
—Minority communities
—Uninsured and underinsured communities
—Improving the quality of life of patients undergoing colorectal
cancer treatment
• Public relations: social messaging, press releases, reporter pitches
• Writing and fund development: draft blogs, stay updated on relevant
research, assist with grants

WHAT WOULD YOU GAIN? An improved understanding of the issues
faced by patients, advocates, and clinical and health policy researchers
with preventing and treating colorectal cancer. Experience with:

APPLICATION PROCESS: Send us your resume and a cover letter at
info@coloncancerfoundation.org. Expect an invitation for a virtual interview
if we are impressed with what you offer! Both undergraduate and
graduate students may apply.

The Colon Cancer Foundation receives resumes on a rolling basis. If you
are not a perfect match for our current openings, we will retain your
resume with the organization for future opportunities.
• Community engagement: engage with stakeholders—patients,
clinicians, donors, and educational institutions—to raise awareness
about the foundation and promote partnerships
• Graphics design: develop marketing materials, assist with website
design, video editing
• Advertising and programs: devise digital campaigns, social
media campaigns, help plan the annual Early-Age Onset Colorectal
Cancer Summit program
• Developing strategies to educate and improve awareness about a
public health issue among clinicians and society
• Fund raising and marketing
• Program planning
• Communication strategies: blogs, reports, press releases
• Grant writing
• Collaborating with partners and other stakeholders in the space
• Advertising and programs: devise digital campaigns, social media
campaigns, help plan the annual Early-Age Onset Colorectal Cancer
Summit program

To apply please submit cover letter and resume to info@coloncancerfoundation.org