The Colon Cancer Foundation and Backpack Health

Healthcare Management Tool

The Colon Cancer Foundation (CCF) has partnered with Backpack Health to help those living with colorectal cancer – and their family members – manage, organize, and securely share their medical information with each other and with their healthcare providers.

As a result of this collaboration, we are launching the Early Age Onset Colorectal Cancer (EAO-CRC) International Registry. Anyone with a confirmed or suspected diagnosis, risk, or family history of EAO-CRC can join this registry by signing up for Backpack Health and joining the EAO-CRC registry.

This collaboration will also provide the colorectal cancer community with an opportunity to play an active role in research studies that may provide us with an understanding of why colorectal cancer is affecting younger women and men around the globe, lead to new treatments and a better quality of life for all those affected.

The registry will be launched later in October and more details about how to join will be provided. Add your contact information below to get those details emailed to you.

Working together to make a difference.

Backpack Health works with organizations like CCF to empower, inform, and unite communities. Join Backpack Health to access exclusive resources, participate in surveys, and contribute to CCF’s research efforts, including the Colon Cancer Foundation Registry.

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