The 2016 TCS New York City Marathon is in the books, and we could not be more proud of Team Colon Cancer Challenge.

Anthony G., Anthony S., Courtney, Dana, Frank, Jason, Kaleigh, Lou, Margie, Michael H., Michael P., Pat, Paul, Sara, Steven, Teresa:

Together, you ran almost 420 miles on Sunday, November 6. Together, you raised over $76,000 – our second-highest Crowdrise fundraiser ever. Together you formed a team of powerful, inspiring stories. Together, you raised awareness – something that can’t be quantified, but is nevertheless critically important.

Whether it was your first marathon or your sixteenth, your lives changed on November 6. You ran, and you finished, the 2016 NYC Marathon. How many other lives changed that day? How many people read the bold white and orange writing on your blue shirt and thought, “Oops, I’m overdue for my colonoscopy!” How many people took out their phones and Googled the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation? How many people thought to tell someone they know about our organization?

We will never know the answers to these questions. What we do know is that we had a team of 16 enthusiastic athletes whose passion for this cause carried them through the five boroughs of New York City to the finish line in Central Park. For your participation, your passion, and your incredible fundraising effort, we thank you.

P.S. Extra thanks to those of you who were able to attend our pre-Marathon dinner on Saturday evening! It was wonderful to see you all. Thank you for being there, and thank you for your incredible enthusiasm and positive energy.




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