The Global Colon Cancer Challenge

Monday, January 21
– Sunday, March 24, 2019



2019 marks the 16th Anniversary of the Colon Cancer Challenge and we are thrilled to partner with Charity Footprints to bring you the Global Colon Cancer Challenge

Why Take the Global Colon Cancer Challenge?

An estimated 1.8 Million people around the globe will hear the words you have colorectal cancer this year. Despite this being one of the MOST preventable forms of cancer nearly 700,000 global citizens will die this year. Recent studies have clearly provided evidence on the significant impact diet, nutrition, physical activity can have on the prevention of cancer.

Our mission is to help you prevent colorectal cancer from affecting you, your friends or family. We encourage you to join the Global Colon Cancer Challenge ® . Together we will hike, bike, walk, run, swim (you name it) across the globe, visiting the top 25 countries with the highest rates of colorectal cancer in 2018. Let’s “Take Action Together To Defeat Colorectal Cancer!”

STEP 1: Give a donation to participate! We are so grateful to those who support our cause, you are amazing and we love you!
STEP 2: Tell everyone about it, grab a buddy, raise funds and awareness.
STEP 3: Track your workout exercise of choice (anywhere you are) on the website or by downloading the Charity Footprints App.
(also syncs your Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, Android, & Misfit!)

Where do the funds raised go?

Funds raised by teams and individuals helps the Colon Cancer Foundation:

• To raise awareness of colorectal cancer (CRC), the importance of early detection and the most effective screening methods available;
• To increase awareness of CRC risk factors and factors that may help prevent CRC, including knowing one’s family/genetic cancer history, exercise and nutrition;
• To reduce the disparity that exists in CRC incidence and mortality rates by providing funds to improve screening rates in underserved and uninsured communities;
• To award translational research grants to young investigators studying genetic and epigenetic changes that will ultimately lead to new breakthroughs in the prevention of, therapy for and elimination of CRC in our lifetime;
• To organize and host the International Early Age Onset Colorectal Cancer Summit focused on mitigating this emerging global public health crisis;
• To leverage the impact of our donors’ support by developing broad public/private partnerships with local, regional, national and global organizations invested in a mutual goal of colorectal cancer prevention and early detection.

Join us today – no matter what distance you cover, you will make up ground in the race to prevent colorectal cancer.


Monday, January 21, 2019 Registration opens for the Global Colon Cancer Challenge
Monday, February 4, 2918 The Global Colon Cancer Challenge Begins
Sunday, March 24, 2019 8:30 AMOur Global Colon Cancer Challenge ends and is live streamed from the 16th Annual Colon Cancer Challenge taking place on Randall’s Island, New York City.


We don’t expect you to be an expert at fundraising. Your passion and dedication to raising awareness of Colorectal Cancer (CRC) in your community and the fact that you are not asking for yourself, but for the thousands of families across the country who are battling CRC will help you reach your fundraising goal. It can seem overwhelming at first, but remember our mission is critical and we are here to help!

Click here to download our Fundraising Toolkit.


The sponsors of the Global Colon Cancer Challenge make it possible for us to build public awareness of colorectal cancer (CRC) including hereditary colorectal cancer and the importance of timely screening and prevention.  Their support also allows us to help sponsor prevention programs around the globe innovative translational research projects focused on early age onset of colorectal cancer.

As a sponsor of the 2019 Global Colon Cancer Challenge you will have the opportunity to reach thousands who join us this year to raise awareness of this deadly and yet preventable disease.

If you are interested in joining our community of Sponsors, please look at our Corporate Sponsor Opportunities or contact us at 914.305.6675.